Transform Your Skin with
Candle Wax Massage:
Your Secret to Ageless Beauty

10 Transformative Benefits of
Candle Wax Massage for Women

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Welcome to Swasthya Ayurveda & Wellness SPA in Kannur! Our candle wax massage for women is the ultimate anti-aging body massage designed to help you look and feel your best. If you’re seeking a top-notch body massage for women, this luxurious treatment is perfect for you.

Our candle wax massage combines the soothing warmth of natural wax with expert massage techniques to deliver exceptional skin care benefits. Using high-quality candles made from natural ingredients, our experienced therapists provide a body massage for women that’s both relaxing and rejuvenating.

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Here’s A Step-By-Step Look At What You’ll Experience During Your Candle Wax Massage Session:​

Exfoliating Bubble Bath

The treatment begins with a soothing Bubble Bath. This initial step cleanses your skin, preparing it for the upcoming massage. Clean, soft skin enhances the massage experience, making it more enjoyable and effective.

Gentle Body Scrub

After the body wash, you’ll receive a gentle body scrub. This scrub removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and ready for the candle wax massage.

Luxurious Body Massage with Candle Wax

The highlight of your session is the candle wax massage. A medically prepared candle wax massage soothes with warm, fragrant wax that relaxes muscles and hydrates skin. It relieves tension, promotes deep relaxation, and creates a calming atmosphere, making it stand out from other massages

Refreshing Mini Facial

Following the massage, enjoy a mini facial that revitalizes your skin and complements the effects of the anti-aging body massage

abdominal lymph massage with Wrapping

The final part of the treatment includes a specialized lymphatic abdominal massage and wrapping. This technique supports lymphatic drainage, helps reduce bloating, and firms the stomach area for a smoother appearance.

Benefits of Candle Wax Massage

This massage offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for an anti-aging body massage. Here’s what this luxurious treatment can do for you:

Indulge in unparalleled relaxation with our massage. This luxurious experience combines soothing warmth with expert techniques, providing deep relaxation and rejuvenation for both your body and mind, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

This massage helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines while lightening stretch marks. Experience smoother, youthful skin with a rejuvenating treatment that combats aging and enhances skin texture.

This massage offers relief from muscle tension and body pain. The warmth of the wax penetrates deep into muscles, alleviating discomfort and providing long-lasting relief from chronic pain and stiffness

This massage improves skin tone by evening out complexion and boosting radiance. Natural ingredients hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it looking vibrant, healthy, and with a natural, glowing appearance.

Our candle wax massage firms and lifts sagging skin in areas like the stomach and breasts. This treatment promotes collagen production, restoring skin’s elasticity and providing a more toned, youthful appearance.

The combination of warm wax and expert massage techniques enhances flexibility. This treatment loosens tight muscles and joints, increasing your range of motion and making daily activities more comfortable and easier to perform

This massage effectively targets excess fat and cellulite. Techniques used in the candle wax massage break down fatty tissues, smooth out dimpled skin, and help achieve a more sculpted, toned body.

The warm candle wax and gentle massage techniques provide deep relaxation. This soothing experience helps reduce stress, ease anxiety, and promotes better sleep, leading to a more restful and rejuvenating night’s rest.

Candle wax massage addresses skin discoloration and sun damage. Natural ingredients help to lighten dark spots and even out skin tone, giving you a more luminous, uniform complexion.

The massage supports lymphatic drainage, aiding detoxification and reducing bloating. Enhanced lymphatic flow helps detoxify the body, reduces water retention, and promotes a firmer stomach area for improved wellness.

candle wax massage
is perfect for

  • Seeking Ultimate Relaxation
  • Stress Relief Seekers
  • Anti-Aging & Skin Care Enthusiasts
  • Sun Damage Concerns
  • Sagging Skin
  • Dry Skin Care
  • Confidence Boosters 
  • Busy Professionals
  • Anxiety Management
  • Insomnia Relief Seekers
  • Post-Weight Loss Patients
  • Pre-Wedding Pampering
  • Sensuality Seekers
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Personal Wellness Seekers
  • Holistic Sexual Health Seekers
  • Relationship Revitalisation Seekers
  • Body Confidence Seekers

Price & Duration

4 Hours (240mins ) - Rs 3000

candle wax massage

Why Choose Swasthya Ayurveda & Wellness SPA for Candle Wax Massage?

Candle Wax Massage by Our Expert Therapist 'Mrithul'

Experience our unique Candle Wax Massage with Mrithul, our highly skilled male therapist. With extensive experience in various massage techniques, he blends a special style for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy benefits like anti-aging, improved flexibility, detoxification, and pain relief.

Book Your Candle Wax Massage Today!

Are you ready to experience the best body massage in Kannur? Our anti-aging body massage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Book your appointment at Swasthya Ayurveda & Wellness SPA today to enjoy this luxurious treatment.


Frequent Asked Questions

Who performs the candle wax massage at Swasthya Ayurveda & Wellness SPA?

Our highly skilled male therapist, Mrithul, performs the candle wax massage. With extensive experience in various massage techniques, he creates a unique blend that offers ultimate relaxation, anti-aging benefits, improved flexibility, detoxification and pain relief.

Yes, the candles used in our massages are made from high-quality, natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. The wax is specifically formulated to melt at a low temperature to prevent any risk of burns and to ensure a soothing experience.

You can expect an ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating experience like never before. The warm wax will be gently poured onto your skin and massaged in. The session also includes an exfoliating bubble bath, body scrub and mini facial for complete pampering.

To ensure the best experience for your candle wax massage at Swasthya Ayurveda & Wellness SPA, please book in advance and inform us about any skin concerns during booking so we can prepare a candle tailored to your needs. If you require a doctor consultation, let us know while booking. Additionally, arrive at least 15 minutes early to relax and fill out any necessary forms.

Yes, you can choose the scent of the candle used in your massage. However, please inform us of your preferred scent when making your appointment so we can prepare the candle according to your needs.

The frequency of your candle wax massages depends on your individual needs and goals. For general well-being, once a month is beneficial. For specific skin or muscle issues, you may consider more frequent sessions.

You can book your candle wax massage by calling us at +918606000026

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