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Candle Massage

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Available Body Massages in
Swasthya Ayurveda Wellness & SPA

Here in Swasthya, we provide
15 types of professional body massages
in 5 Category.

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Stress Relief offer

Deep Sleep

Body Massage (with Aroma Therapy)

"Indulge in our Deep Sleep Body Massage: Melt away stress, promote restful sleep, and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated."

Each session include

1- Stress Relief Aroma Therapy

2- Relaxing Scalp Massage

3- Special Deep sleep body massage

4- Chakra Balance (Hot Stone Therapy)

5- Cooling Face Sheet mask

6- Foot Massage


Total Time - 120mins | Rs3000

Foot Therapy offer

13th Anniversary Offer

Foot Reflexology


“Foot reflexology is a therapeutic practice that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, corresponding to various body organs and systems. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, relieves tension, enhances overall well-being, and supports the body’s natural healing processes.”

Total Time - 45mins | Rs1000

Fitness offer



Soothe Body Massage

" Soothing Tensions Away "

“Revitalize with our Work Relax Massage: Boost circulation, ease pain, enhance posture, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness.”

Each session include

1- Stress Relief Head Massage
2- Neck & Shoulder Massage
3- Stretching Massage (Better posture)
4- Stress Relief Full-body Massage
5- Stress-Melting Back Massage
6- Eye Therapy
7- Foot Massage


Total Time - 120mins | Rs2800

body massage

muscle masters massage

Boost your sports performance with our deep tissue massage, led by therapist Mrithul. It eases muscle pain, stiffness, and stress, tailored for athletes and bodybuilders to address strains and sports injuries while enhancing overall well-being.


Total Time - 90mins | Rs2800

offer 2

Summer Time

Fruit Fusion Massage

"Pamper Yourself with the Nourishing Benefits of Fresh Fruits"

Pick Anyone for Just Rs 1500

Aloevera Mint Mojito Massage

“Combination of Aloe-Mint body massage, Aloe-Mint Foot Scrub & Aloe-Mint Face Sheet Mask”

Coconut Milk and Honey Massage

“Combination of Moisturising body massage, Coconut milk & honey body massage & wrap & Cooling Face Sheet Mask”

Tropical Fruit Fusion Massage

“Combination of Moisturising body massage, Mango/ Papaya body massage & wrap & Cooling Face Sheet Mask”

Pick Anyone for Just


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Swasthya ayurveda & SPA

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"Experience the ultimate in relaxation and wellness at Kannur's
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Skincare offer

Candle Wax

Body Massage

One Massage for Skincare, Pain Relief & Stress Relief

Our massage candles are of very high quality and use only natural ingredients; a combination of natural wax, butters, herbal extract and essential oils. When we light the wick, the heat melts the firm candle then the masseur takes that melted wax in hand and massage using that in a skin-safe way.

Each session include

  1. Exfoliating Bubble Bath
  2. Coffee-Salt Body Scrub 
  3. Body Massage with Candle wax
  4. Abdominal Massage with Cupping
  5. Abdominal Wrapping
  6. Anti-tan Mini Facial

Candle Massage helps to :

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Burn excess fat
  • Improve Skin tone
  • Anti-aging
  • Treat sun-damaged skin
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Improve Breast Shape
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce Sun Tan
  • Treat discoloration
  • Improve sleep


Total Time - 4Hrs | Rs3000

Hair care

Ayurveda treatment

Each session include

  1. Doctor Consultation
  2. Hot Oil Head Massage
  3. Ayurveda Hair Pack
  4. Hair Wrap with leaf
  5. Hair Steam
  6. Hair Wash

Total Time - 90mins (1hr30mins)

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Ayurveda/ SPA Therapist
Ayurveda/SPA Therapist
Ayurveda Therapist
Ayurveda Therapist

Slimming Therapies



I would recommend swasthya to everyone who wants to experience any kind of theraputic massages. They have a variety of massages which can recharge your body and mind and give you a unique experience. Do try them and I am sure you will have the same opinion as me

Frequently asked

Is cross massage available ?

We don't provide cross massages, Swasthya is one of the Top google-Rated professional family center in Kannur.

Our services are done by male therapists for male persons & female therapists for female persons

Except for these massages-
Sports Massage
Kalari foot Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Joint Mobilization Massage
Candle Wax Massage
Fire Cupping
These massages doing only by our International massage specialized Well experienced Male Massage Therapist

our customer google review

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Shiva Prinu

Film Actor

Great massage! Thanks mrithul

* * * * *


Body Building trainer

Great experience with swasthya avurveda….had a great recovery after deep tissue massage… Good service 👍

* * * * *

jayanta george

Physical Trainer

Very good service. Pretty knowledgeable. Professional. Affordable. I get a deep tissue massage done here regularly.

* * * * *


Resort Owner

World class massages. I cannot wait to get back to Kannur just explicitly for the services at Swasthya. Hopefully will be possible before the end of this year.

* * * * *

jyothi siva


Swasthya is the best place I ever got to have ayurvedic massages…. The experience is incredible and the staffs are very dedicated and professional. The money you pay is more than worth the relief you get… This is one of the best ayurvedic treatment centres in Kannur..probably in Kerala

* * * * *

Sharath Pramod

Local Guide

Wonderful experience. The staff are well trained and professional. In the 7-day session of full body massage (which included the massage, elakizhi and steam bath), my mind and body is completely restored to it full glory. Special thanks to Mr.Vishnu.

* * * * *



It was my first time experience for massage.. swasthya is the best place for massage… And good experience for me.. I experienced candle massage one of the special massage of swasthya Ayurveda.. that was an excellent, relaxing and great experience… My skin feels very smooth and soft..staffs are very professional and caring.. .. Highly recommendable..This is very comfortable place for ladies.. .. Thanks Swasthya

* * * * *


IT Professional

My first experience as a foot reflexology fan. Mridul was amazing with massages and reflexology. He was very patient and was very good with methods. I would definitely recommend Swaathya Ayurveda for massages. Well executed team😊😊


Most frequent questions and answers

Candle Wax Massage is the best option for anti-ageing. Ayurveda, Aloevera , Honey & Chocolate massage etc. are also recommended

If the pain is because of lack of exercise, job related stress, muscles stiffness or swelling, we recommend our special ‘Pain Relief Massage – combination of Ayurveda massage, kizhi & steambath’.

Deep tissue massage/ Neck & Back massage / Cupping Massage etc. are  also recommended

Ayurveda Massage & Shirodhara combination is the best option for Stress. 

Aroma Massage / Hot Stone massage / Foot Reflexology / Our Beauty massages etc. are  also recommended

We recommend to do massage at least once in a month

Firstly, you need to consume your food at least 90min before massage. Secondly, if you have any health related issues you must share it with our therapist about that, if needed, consult our doctor


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