15 diffrent types of

In swasthya, we provide different types of massages in four categories namely

  1.  Relaxation massage category
  2. Pain Relief Massage category
  3. Fitness Massage category
  4. Beauty Massage category
relaxation massage

relaxation Massages

This massage category suits people who have no health problems and looking for relaxation. In this category we have 

Ayurveda massage, Aroma massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone  massage, Foot reflexology, Instant Stress Buster, etc

podi kizhi


This massage category suits people who have problems with back pain, neck pain, muscle stiffness. In this category we have 

Ayurveda massage, Our Special Pain Relief Massage, Neck, Shoulder & Back massage, Fire Cupping , Deep tissue massage

fitness massage

fitness Massages

This massage category suits people who have no time for exercise or doing heavy workouts. In this category we have

Our signature massage, Thai yoga massage, Table stretching massage, Deep tissue massage, Cupping massage, etc

beauty massage

beauty Massages

This category suits people who like to take care of skin and maintain soft, smooth younger-looking skin. In this category we have 

Aloe Vera massage, Candle wax massage, Chocolate massage, Breast massage, Body scrub, Exfoliating hot water scrub etc

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beauty massages

our special massages

Deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage

Relieve severe tension in muscle & connective tissue
Relieve pain and stiffness
Restore range of motion
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candle wax massage

candle wax massage

Skin rejuvenation
Burn excess fat
Shape breast
Treat discolouration
Improve sleep
Fade stretch mark
Treat sun-damaged skin
Reduce stress
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our signature massage

Signature Massage

A special combination of ayurveda massage, marma therapy, stretching massage
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Weight loss treatment
back pain treatment
hot stone massage
Sports Massage
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Most frequent questions and answers

Candle Wax Massage is the best option for anti-ageing. Ayurveda, Aloevera , Honey & Chocolate massage is also recommended

If the pain is because of lack of exercise, job related stress, muscles stiffness or swelling, we recommend our special ‘Pain Relief Massage – combination of Ayurveda massage, kizhi & steambath’.

Deep tissue massage/ Neck & Back massage / Cupping Massage etc. are  also recommended

Ayurveda Massage & Shirodhara combination is the best option for Stress. 

Aroma Massage / Hot Stone massage / Foot Reflexology / Our Beauty massages etc. are  also recommended

We recommend to do massage at least once in a month

Firstly, you need to consume your food at least 90min before massage. Secondly, if you have any health related issues you must share it with our therapist about that, if needed, consult our doctor