Hello Doctor, Myself Remya, I have severe pain near elbow joint of my right hand and it makes me very difficult to do my daily works. My allopathic doctor diagnosed it as “Tennis elbow“ and i have taken many medicines for this. But I got only temporary relief. I heard that ayurveda has some treatment for this. Can u guide me, will ayurveda treatment gives complete relief from Tennis elbow? Remya
Ans: Hello Remya, Tennis Elbow is a common problem seen in age group of 30-50 years. It may be caused due to continues works like gardening, writing, typing, lifting heavy objects and works that leads to stress and strain of elbows. Pain is severe while extending wrist, driving car, grasping objects etc.

Rest is the best treatment for this condition. Foods such as spinach, milk, all grains, nuts, green tea, pineapples… etc should be included in your diet.

Home Remedies like applying ice wrapped in towel on effected region for about 20 mins, at least 6 times a day is good. Heating CASTOR leaves or VITEX NIGUNDO leaves in sesame oil and applying it in effected region for 2-10mins in mild temperature is also good, but this is not good if effected part is hot and swollen.

Ayurveda Treatments includes SNEHANAM(mild oileation ), SWEDANAM (sweating), LEPANAM (Herbal paste), ORAL MEDICATIONS to get relief from pain and RASAYANA drugs to heal torn tendon to rejuvenate the degenerated tissues.

Agnikarma on the effected part gives good result from tennis elbow.

Panchakarma treatments like ELAKIZHI, NAVARAKIZHI, PIZHICHIL gives best result.
Hello Doctor
My name is Jilna , i am 28 now. I have dark circles and it make me look ugly. I tried many under eye cream for that, but no use. Is there any ayurveda treatment for this? Please suggest me a good solution,

Thank you
Jilna Dinesh
Hello Jilna,

Dark circle around eyes is very common now, you can apply almond oil around the eyes it will help for a better look. But in some cases just external treatment does not help, if you have stress, digestive issues or habit of irregular meals, disturbed sleep, sleeping late at night..etc, then it need to be corrected.
Also you can do ayurveda treatments like nasyam, nethra dhara,lepam...etc and also undergo other stress releasing panchakarma treatments for these issue. It will help you to solve your problem and helps to relaxing & rejuvenating your mind and body